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Play for Love of Tennis, or Play4LOT is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2014 by a group of community oriented tennis players wanting to ensure quality junior tennis in Oak Park and River Forest. We advocate for and provide school and club tennis programs. With participation options for schools of all sizes, we've made it easy to get your students out of the classroom and onto the tennis court.


How tennis benefits kids:

-Both a physically and mentally challenging sport

      -Speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination 

      -Discipline and sportsmanship

-Kids in elementary school are at a crucial time to acquire coordination and technical skills


Our Mission is to:

- Teach sportsmanship and encourage fair play.

- Instruct beginning players and encourage their participation.

- Advance the skills of intermediate and advanced players through competition.

- Recognize outstanding achievements among junior participants.

- Support and develop tennis for juniors in the community and make it a lifelong sport for all.



                                  "Let's go down to the tennis courts"





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